Author Topic: 2011 Big ab and Ling comp in Manchester RFA fundraiser  (Read 6018 times)

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Re: 2011 Big ab and Ling comp in Manchester RFA fundraiser
« Reply #15 on: May 20, 2011, 12:33:23 PM »
I would say it will have little to no affect on the diving. Most all of Manchester Sp is sand beach there are a few wash rocks.  I think most of the diving is done north and south of manchester itself.

Also the state parks website asid "State Parks anticipates full park closures related to the proposed budget
reductions will occur by July 2012." Reserve america said there are no parks to close in 2011. 
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Re: 2011 Big ab and Ling comp in Manchester RFA fundraiser
« Reply #16 on: June 15, 2011, 02:38:11 PM »
From Tino,

What can I say,
This year was the best yet and it was all due to the great people who made the long journey to a remote part of our beautiful coast. It was great to see my Pistolero Brothers make it up and it was nice to finally be the host instead of the hosted. Appreciate the support guys.
This year we had 114 divers that showed up to get in the water and Bear (Dave Whittington) and crew fed well over 200 people at the fiesta.
The weather was predicted to be windy and cold so I was pleasantly surprised when we were treated to the best weather we have seen in all 5 years. You never know what you will get with Mother Nature, and this weekend we ended up on her good side, the weather man was wrong.
Good viz, good weather and a great turnout, can only equal the biggest lings and abs we have seen at the event, and that’s just what we got. The biggest ling was taken by Chris Cornett at 24.25lbs and the biggest ab taken by Jason Holliday at 10.300”.
First off I have to thank my wife Jen for keeping me in line and my family for all their help, it was great to have everyone pitching in.
There was a great turn out from our very generous sponsors and I can’t thank them enough.
So here is one last time
Greg and Vanessa from the freedive shop for their 1s place $100 gift certificates, and the brand new 2011 your choice of size Rodger Yazbeck 7mm wetsuit. Brock Kennedy was the bigger winner there.
Josh from Neptonic systems, for his killer flungi and dive knife, as well as his $75 2nd place gift certificates.
John Banks for his two super bitchen dive boards and his $50 3rd place gift certificates.
Amadeo Bachar for not only creating our awesome event logo, but for his Big Ling, Big Ab, and Ocean Stewardship award prints, as well as a killer yellowtail print that my mom won, and quickly gave to me, YES!!!
Phil Herranen for his custom bamboo norcal hole gun. Also thank you Phil for bringing out your bitchen collection of hand-made spearguns. I know it’s a bitch but sooo much appreciated.
Chris Chaput even though he could not make it this year was great enough to donate a 110 Sea Sniper open track gun
Ken Okutake was extremely generous donating an original print of a china rockfish. The detail was superb as you can see Ken’s work has only gotten better and better.
Bucksport Sporting Goods for their mask, snorkel fins, and extra-long ab bar. Hope you can make it next year Todd.
Dennis Haussler from 20 Fathoms for his set of green camo Edge Blades.
Alex Reynaud from Addiction Spears for his two custom shafts
Dustin from Gatku for his wetsuit donation.
Rich Vandusen for a custom made 5th annual BABL ab bar. Man I really did not want to auction that item and claim it got lost in the mail, but what can you do, thanks Rich for their 2 gun holsters
And last but not least, Arizona Ice Tea drinks for the awesome sampler of new products. Much appreciated guys
I also wanted to thank Greg and Vanessa for the scale as well as Jim Martin, Wayne Klingstedt, and Matt Mattison, for their efforts getting all the abs and fish measured and weighed properly. That was a really big help guys.
There are so many other people to thank that made this event extra special it was incredible.
I would like to give one last shout out to the 4 guys who shared their home brew with the crowd. Aaron Smith, Rich VanDusen, Craig Gansheimer, and Charlie Claycomb were all big hits with their most excellent brews. Each one different and delicious, it was a perfect end to the big day to share your creations, so thanks guys.
With that here are the results.

Here are the final standing for the event
1 Holliday Jason 10.300
2 Miller Taylor 10.161
3 Gansheimer Craig 10.138
4 Mazzucchi Casey 10.109
5 Horstman Kevin 9.581
6 Gross Brian 9.524
7 Halweg Kirk 9.507
8 Clapp Leslie 9.459
9 Mcintyre Dustin 9.445
10 Cameron James 9.402
11 Duenas Rick 9.331
12 Choy Jon 9.329
13 Brians Chris 9.281
14 Weltz Andrew 9.257
15 Cooper Gross Melody 9.252
16 Nguyen Mike 9.231
17 Smith Aaron 9.221
18 Willeford Myrel 9.164
19 Reynaud Courtney 9.087
20 Kramer Gene 9.078
21 Oberg Matthew 9.074
22 Hamilton Brienna 9.071
23 Engel Kavi 9.060
24 Saxl Chris 8.945
25 Dong Michael 8.837
26 Bullock Jeff 8.833
27 Ramos Star 8.713
28 Begley Justin 8.712
29 Peretz David 8.695
30 Taus Jeanie 8.609
31 Edwards Ian 8.466
32 Christoferson Jon 8.377
33 Kelly Kevin 8.282

Pole/Gun Last First # of Fish Weight Total Pts Big Ling weight Class
1 Gun Cornett Chris 3 30.90 29.65 24.3
2 Gun Galizaao Lou 3 24.90 27.90 18.5
3 Gun Gallagher Shawn 3 24.30 27.30 19.4
4 Gun OToole Galen 3 20.50 23.50 16.3
5 Gun Jessop Carter 3 18.65 21.65 13.2
6 Gun Haussler Dennis 3 17.00 20.00
7 Gun Reynaud Alex 3 14.25 17.25 4.75
8 Gun Jessop Bryan 3 13.70 16.70
9 Gun Begley Justin 3 13.50 16.50 8.4
10 Gun Kennedy Brock 2 12.80 14.80 9.6
11 Pole Morejohn Kirby 3 10.25 13.25 4.2 1st Pole
12 Gun Kelly Kevin 3 9.70 12.70 6.8
13 Gun Halweg Kirk 3 9.35 12.35
14 Gun Saxl Chris 3 8.80 11.80
15 Gun Martin Maria 3 7.00 10.00 3.45 Women
16 Gun Hallack Khalil 1 8.75 9.75 8.75
17 Gun Easter Brandi 3 6.60 9.60 Women
18 Gun Pennal Robert 3 6.55 9.55 4.15
19 Gun Christoferson Jon 3 6.20 9.20 Jr.
20 Pole Weltz Andrew 2 6.90 8.90 5.3 2nd Pole
21 Gun Duenas Rick 3 5.65 8.65 Jr.
22 Pole Mcintyre Dustin 2 6.55 8.55 3rd Pole
23 Gun Gross Brian 3 5.35 8.35
24 Gun Bell Bret 1 7.15 8.15 7.15
25 Gun Dillingham Aaron 3 4.55 7.55
26 Gun Peretz David 3 3.90 6.90 Jr.
27 Gun Horstman Kevin 2 3.85 5.85
28 Gun Mabry Bryan 2 3.85 5.85
29 Gun Cameron James 2 3.75 5.75
30 Gun Ramos Star 2 2.90 4.90 Women
31 Gun Edwards Ian 2 2.80 4.80
32 Gun Willeford Myrel 1 3.50 4.50 3.5
33 Gun Reynaud Courtney 2 1.90 3.90 Women

here is a link to a picture gallery of pics from the event



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