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FYI about local hydros
« on: October 02, 2010, 03:15:54 PM »
I took some tanks into Santa Rosa Fire Equipment on Portal Ave in RP and they gave me a little run around as far as getting hydros done on a few tanks.

They are claiming that they *have* to do a VIP before they do a hydro and they are charging $18 additional dollars for this. I asked them about this new policy and the guy was somewhat vague as to why they had to do it. Everybody knows that tanks get VIP'd for flash rust AFTER they get hydroed not before. He claimed that when the tanks leave his shop he has to guarantee that it is clean and ready to use for consumable air. I told him I've never heard of any such law and since they were not giving it back to me full they had no responsibility to make sure it was VIP'd for consumable air only to make sure there weren't any deep pits before they hydro.
I told him the dive shop checks to make sure it has a current VIP sticker before they will fill it.

The scuba industry is the only industry to have an annual VIP inspection as far as I know. There is no governing body that enforces any such law, it's a dive industry protocol.
I explained to him I wanted hydros ONLY and that I do my own cleaning and VIP's. He asked who I was certified through to do my own VIP's and I told him they covered it with my DSAT gas blender certification along with 02 cleaning protocols, blah blah blah. He claimed he never heard of it.

So anyway he agreed to just do hydros but this was the last time he would do it (if it was the law he wouldn't have budged on it)
Yeah, BS.
So now if you take your tanks to SRFE expect to pay 38 dollars and no fill.

Sounds to me like they are just trying to find another way to make a few extra dollars off people. I wonder if the dive shops have anything to do with this because out of the blue he mentions that they needed to give dive shops a break with the volume they bring in and they usually didn't get individual walk-ins, and then he was saying something about it not being fair that I go in there and expect the same price as the dive shops? He lost me at that point because I didn't say a word about this, I just wanted a hydro. Hmmm, I wonder if the shops have been bitching about people going around them? It wouldn't surprise me, everybody's hurting right now and looking for additional revenue sources.

I called the place on Yolanda just for giggles and they said they charge $25 for hydros. I asked if that included a VIP and the girl didn't know what that was. She went and asked the guy in the back and he said they didn't do VIP's, that I needed to take it to a dive shop for that. I asked them if they heard of this supposed new VIP law and they said "What law?". Yeah, thank you, just what I thought.

Looks like the place on Yolanda gets my business from now on with my 10 tanks.
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