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MLPA Revealed
« on: August 03, 2009, 08:10:44 AM »

More from Jim

On the Wednesday's MLPA webcast of the South Coast BRTF meeting (07.28.09), MLPAI Executive director Ken Wiseman on a live mic before the meeting was heard to say:

"This morning, they've called a meeting, ah, 12:30. Chrisman, and Koch and Mantell, to talk about what's going on. I got, ah, a memo..." [sound cuts out.]

Wiseman was referring to a meeting between California's Secretary of Resources Mike Chriman, Department of Fish & Game Director Don Koch, and the main guy from the funders of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's MPLA Initiative, Michael Mantell. These are the three parties who signed agreements for the private funding of the MLPA.

So in a science-based, stakeholder-driven process, I'd like to know what was discussed at this meeting. Can somebody do a Public Records Act request on this in time for the Fish & Game Commission meeting on August 5th in Woodland? They might take a vote on NorCal MPA regulations at that meeting.

Wiseman referred to a meeting between government officials directly involved in the MLPA back in Sacramento who were not attending a very important meeting to decide the fate of southern California fishermen. So why are they meeting with a private attorney, Michael Mantell from the Resources Legacy Fund Foundation, at this critical juncture? Especially when the public is being told that there are no communications between the MLPA Initiative staff and the funders of the MLPA process.

It's in the first 60 seconds of the archived webcast here:


or if that link doesn't work you can access it here:

We've got it on file, if it should perhaps disappear from the offical record.

The California Fish & Game Commission meets in Woodland at the Yolo Flyer's Club on August 5th, to consider MPA regulations for the north-central coast region, starting at 10 am.
This meeting between state officials and the private funders will be an issue.
We encourage every saltwater angler and diver to be there and see if the Commission really intends to destroy sustainable fisheries like abalone and seaweed harvest



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