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Underwater Hockey in Sebastopol

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We play Underwater hockey at 8:30 PM every Tuesday and Thursday night at Ives pool in sebastopol.  Our club is very low stress.  We play hard, but we enforce few fouls.  Since it is such an unknown sport we are always looking for new players.  Each night we usually have someone who is fairly new.  Because it is so different from most sports it takes a few games to get the hang of it.

The game will improve your breatholds, fitness, fin stroke, relaxation underwater, ability to swim with low hydrodynamic drag, your duck dive, your visualization of the 3d underwater environment, equalization...

Underwater Hockey is excellent training for freediving.  A 3 pound led hockey puck sits on the bottom in the center of the pool.  On each end of the pool is a team of six players.  Each player has a mask, snorkel, fins, and a small (~10") wooden stick.  The teams sprint to the center of the pool and one player will gain control of the puck.  In theory it is a non-contact sport, but like basketball there is a degree of incidental contact in play.  Players can move the puck by pushing it along the bottom of the pool with their stick or by flinging it to team mates. At the end of the pool there is a 6 foot long goal that the puck must be pushed into.  There are no dedicated goalies like in soccer and ice hockey, but there are usually 1-2 players that act as defenders.   

This is a very short point in a deeper then normal pool, but this is what it looks like:
 Singapore Underwater Hockey Club - Scrimmage (9 Dec 06)

 Dude I am so in. When and is it still at Ives pool? Hey just a curious question but does your fam live in sebastapol somewhere off Elphick rd?

Brandon Turknett:
im down for this, can i get some contact info?

You can call me on my cell at 707-570-9011.  I will be there on Tuesday (7/6) and hopefully a guy from work who has never played will be there too. I might miss Thursday because of a dive trip. 

We have lots of extra gear so you don't have to worry about sticks and gloves. We also have a lot of extra fins that work well for hockey.  All the extra gear will be there on Thursday too.


It looks like we might not have enough people for a game on this Thursday (7/8) because a few of us will be out of town on dive trips.  If you are interested in playing give me a call and I will see how many people are going to be showing up.


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