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check this thing out...WOW...

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I have a 1998 36ft Ridged Hull Inflatable project boat built by USMI. The model is NSW (Naval Special Warfare). It has twin Rolls Royce jets that are missing the cones. Engines not for sale. This would make a GREAT tow or dive boat. Original acquisition value was $468,000.00. Serious inquiries ONLY as I’m not desperate to sell! $15,000.00 OBO. Call Matt @ (925) 822-8022

on CL for 15k what a dive boat....

Damn, that's big league!  Wonder what it would take to get it going...?

Brandon Turknett:
sounds like about ten outboards like the boat on that other thread :laughing7: :laughing7:


Stacy Stephenson:
 :laughing4:yea what he said :laughing4:


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