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Stacy Stephenson:
I have a 12' Zodi I'm thinking of selling. I need money for school. If I pass my test sat and get a spot in the class I will probably sell. I will know on Monday. I just wanted to see if any out there is interested. 12' Zodiac, trailer, 30 horse Suzuki, Scuba tank rack, clean boat. I will upload pics on Thursday morn. I don't want to sell but I really need the money. I also have a dual axle enclosed trailer for sale. Let me know, PM me. My loss your gain

Stacy,   can you post the pics for the trailer too when you post the boat?

Stacy Stephenson:

--- Quote from: pip8688 on June 09, 2010, 10:01:35 PM ---Stacy,   can you post the pics for the trailer too when you post the boat?

--- End quote ---
No problem, its 14'x8'x7' dual axle;sa=item;id=1167 The motor is on its way.

hey all this is a good little boat excellent for diving the north coast, I know I had this boat at one time, what makes it real nice is 2 or 3 guys can hand launch this boat just about any where, I have done it at van dam russian gulch stump beach and ocean cove great boat.

Stacy Stephenson:
If know one here on NCUWH's is interested I'm going to post up on craigslist. I will wait till Tuesday morn to post on craigslist so let me know. Matt thanks for the support


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