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I have a Cobra triple kayak. It has two round hatches and three seats. We have used it in rough water with two 200 lb divers and gear with no problem. This kayak is so stable you can stand in it. I have an older Minkota trolling motor (not mounted) to go with it. Put the trolling motor on it and you can go 1/2 mile offshore and get to the good fish and abs without effort.

It's great for family also. My wife, two teen daughters and 60 lb dog take it out and can't tip it. The kayak new is 1150 and I want 700 with the trolling motor.

Wow just looked it up capacity is about 850 lbs it is over 16 feet long and about 80 lbs. should be a lot better than the malabu two to dive from.

You don't have to worry about balancing when putting on suit/fins or when getting in/out of the yak. We took it out on the bay halibut fishing and took a large ice chest. The guy with me weighed about 220 at the time. He reclined back on his coat to almost flat and fell asleep. My 60 lb dog spins around and puts here feet on the edge and then the other edge while my daughters are jumping around and it has never tipped even once. I have taken first timers out and they have beach landed it in 6-7 foot swells and never rolled it. 


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