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WTB: Used Dive Fins size 8 or 9

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word of advice besure to get the fin keepers that go on your ankles to help hold the fin on here is a pic[smg id=1102]

Awesome advice, thanks Matt! To tell you the truth, I didnt even know about the fin keepers. I currently use hard zip up booties but will one day convert if I find a pair of long fins

Fin keepers are a must have, losing a fin can be frustrating, costly and dangerous.  They actually make my fins a little more efficient, since there's no more slippage of my foot in the foot pocket.

Ya I didn’t know about them until I stated researching fins.  Good call posting this and probably keeping a newbie like me from losing one of their brand new fins

--- Quote from: alameda on May 12, 2010, 09:43:36 AM ---You have to tell me how those fins work out for you bud! Thats a pretty good deal for brand new fins too.

--- End quote ---

I sure will.  I’m not going to get out this weekend but will be diving Fri-Sun next weekend so a report will follow.


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