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WTB: Used Dive Fins size 8 or 9

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Hey Guys,

Im fairly new to spearfishing, and have now joined the madness. I need to upgrade my split fins to some real free dive fins, as I cant seem to get down deep with the current. I havent tried the longer fins yet, so I really have no idea what to expect, but the folks I keep running into are highly recommending them. Im not the strongest kicker as of yet, so if you have a less rigid pair of fins in size 8 or 9 laying around in the garage for sale, please let me know. Thanks for your time,


 I have a set of open heel blades that are perfect for getting your calfs ready for full on freedive fins they worked great for me and now I wear blackteams fins. Whats your budget I will sell them cheap. PM me and we can talk more....

PM sent Jason -  but definately still looking for a pair of flexible long fins so please hit me up if you have a pair out there everyone!

I came home last night to find these delivered.  I have yet to try them out but Im excited.  I think it is a pretty good price for an entry level fin.

You have to tell me how those fins work out for you bud! Thats a pretty good deal for brand new fins too.


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