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Abalone Hupa Indian style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
« on: April 30, 2010, 09:18:39 PM »
So I got this recipie from a member of the Hupa Indian tribe which has the largest reservation in california, situtated in Humboldt along the Trinity river south of where it merges with the Klamath.  They are not on the ocean but only 7 miles by trail to the ocean at Trinidad. Abalone is very important to the culture in many ways. If you take the road from the coast to Hoopa valley it takes over an 1 1/2 hours just to get there!  Last Summer my Tibetan PHD scholar teacher whom I studied with in Tibet got special visa to visit USA and show off his new documentary and book about the Choni natives of eastern Tibet.  He traveled all over the USA and was upset that he never saw a native american, just casino signs and such.  I told him that its not like Tibet where you can still go and see people leading nomad lifestyle the same way it always was, American genocide was 99% complete. What a shame he said. The only place I could think of was up in Humboldt.  I called the  reservation museum and just our luck in Aug the Hupa were having thier bi-annual sacred White skin deer dance and we were invited to check it out, but no pictures please.. What an experience to get a chance to witness the culture and talk with the people!  I too have never meet a native before and was just as interested. Once there, my Tibetan professor was talking it up and I struck up a conversation with a local about lamprey eels and how they cook them up.  I switched the conversation to abalone and heard the Abalone woman story and inquired how they cook the abalone.  The recipe that stuck out was with cedar or alder wood.  Get yourself 2 cedar grilling planks or alder.  If you dont have access to the wood yourself, major supermarkets carry the fasionable cedar planks used for grilling salmon and such. Take the planks and soak them for a few hours, with one plank use your hatchet and make long skewers,  prep and tenderize your ab, then cut your abalone length wise so you have 1/4 inch thick long stips, thread one strip per skewer and reserve rest for later.  With the other cedar plank place the arrange the long abalone strips in a layer like you would find bacon packaged at the store, layer the abalone strips one on top of the other slightly overlaping each piece untill you fill the cedar plank.  Each piece of abalone should have one edge touching the wood plank, just like bacon is arranged at the store.  If you have a grill with top you can season the abs with oil,salt and pepper and place the plank over direct heat, cover and start to char the bottom to produce aromatic smoke, keep grill lid on and use a spray bottle to douse any flare ups.  Place ab skewers on grill when plank ab is almost done cooking. Skewers will cook fast on direct heat.    If you have open grill at a camp ground then cover the abalone bacon cedar plank with some sea lettuce or other kelp to keep the abalone moist and from drying out.  Place over direct heat and smoke it up!   Now at the same time stick the skewered abalone kebabs verticle in the ground or ashes around the fire and move them every so often to keep them "in the path of the smoke and heat"  Both will take 20-30 minutes, done right it is simple, nonpretentious, and will have the essence of smoke and abalone.  Many thanks to the people of the Hupa nation, I will never forget the dances or the gracious nature of the people, including all their abalone secrets and recipes!
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Re: Abalone Hupa Indian style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2010, 10:11:46 PM »
Thanks so much for sharing and I can't wait to cook some abalone Hupa style.



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