Author Topic: A letter I wrote to Both Mr. Brown and Mrs. Whitmen  (Read 909 times)


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A letter I wrote to Both Mr. Brown and Mrs. Whitmen
« on: April 13, 2010, 09:56:35 AM »
Hello I am writting to hear what are ___________ views and stands and what he will do about these new and upcoming MLPA's, that are being implemented state wide. I am a avid diver and founder  of Norcal Underwater hunters and member of several dive clubs I see a it being a bad idea as to the way they are going about these currently and they should be reevaluated because at they current process they are doing will have a major negative impact on a the local and small town community's and also will mess with a 15.9 million dollar a year industry for the state of ca.


Sincerely Matt Mattison Registered voter in ca.

po. box 365 monte rio ca. 95462

I would highly sugest you all write letters as well to these canidates. here are  the email adress's
Mr. Browns email:
Meg Whitmen email:
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