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Todd's Turban Snails (Tegula funebralis)..............
« on: April 12, 2010, 05:18:16 PM »
Black Turban snails, Tegula funebralis, on of my top five snails of the west coast, weve all seen them, as kids we have played with them, hermit crabs use thier shells. But how many have ever eaten the Black Turban snails prized by the local california indigenous groups? They are found in the upper rocky intertidal zones and are often found in high concentrations.  Try to find the biggest ones which stick to the rocks, if you try to hunt for them on the ground or reef bottom they may more likley be a hermit crab so keep an eye out for Turban snails hanging upside down on the rocks.  Pick the big ones and leave the baby's.  The meat of small snails is hard to get out and a waste of life.  They have a radula used for scraping alge which comes off easy after cooking. Otherwise retracted in its shell, they often have a robust orange foot.  Here is the secret to the recipe, pick some Sea Lettuce kelp/alge on the way in as well. Its a easy alge to pick out, often on of the first one people learn due to its bright green color and its abundance on intertidal rocks.  When you get back to camp take sea lettuce and fill the snail bottom and top off with crushed/minced garlic and drizzle with olive oil or butter.  If you have a steamer you can steam for 20 minutes or just wrap them in foil and toss it on the grill.  Use a tooth pick to snag the snail meat and thank me later for finding your new favorite dish, served up everyday at the pacific buffet.
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Re: Todd's Turban Snails (Tegula funebralis)..............
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We use to eat them all the time the way you described.  We called them periwinkles.  One of the best tasting snails out there along with Mr. Ab...



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