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For Sale: New Mares Razor Pro Fins
« on: November 19, 2020, 02:00:11 PM »
Mares Razor Pro Long Blade Fins Grey/Black size 47-48 (US 12-13) Made In Italy
More Flexible Grey Elastomer Blades
New, Never Used
These Larger Sized Foot Pockets Make Excellent Scuba Diving Fins
Blade Length 80 cm (31.5")
Overall Length Including Foot Pockets ~92cm (~36.25")

Asking $100

Available for Purchase in Petaluma

Description / Further Info:

> Latest-generation removable-blade fin.
> The foot pocket offers both comfort and efficiency.
> Designed to deliver the maximum amount of thrust while maintaining ideal comfort.
> The flexible blade has ribbing that is especially well suited for freediving in currents, spearfishing, and use over long distances.
>The material used in the fin offers optimal resistance to blows, even at very low temperatures.
> While its color is discrete, it still ensures the visibility needed for a buddy to monitor the diver from the surface.

>Durable Techno-polymer construction
> Full foot, lightweight free diving fin
>Side ribs (stringer) prevent lateral slippage
>Variable thickness blade provides ideal flex
>Specially designed channels optimize thrust

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