Author Topic: Riffe 3 Atm (formerly 2ATM) floats for sale  (Read 272 times)

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Riffe 3 Atm (formerly 2ATM) floats for sale
« on: September 15, 2020, 02:13:51 PM »
Guys -

In time for bluefin season...

Selling my two Riffe 3 ATM floats (I bought them when the label said 2 ATM). Both have my info sharpied on them so that would need to be covered or removed unless you want me to get them back if you lose them ;)

Clearing out my garage and found a ton of bluewater gear I don't need. First to go are the floats

One float could use a new bladder (bulbed at the back), which is $60 on Riffe's site. Other one looks great. I re-inflated both of them last night and they both hold air just fine. Could use the one that needs a new bladder for yellowtail until you get a new bladder.

*$200 for the one that doesn't need a new bladder
*$100 for the one that should have a new bladder

PM me for pics and info. I'm in the Bay Area and would rather keep it local if possible but I'm in Monterey a fair amount and could bring them there as well.

Carpe piscem


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