Author Topic: Recommendations - Inflatable Zodiac Style Boat  (Read 379 times)

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Recommendations - Inflatable Zodiac Style Boat
« on: May 27, 2020, 10:41:09 AM »
Hey all,

I am starting to do my research on boats.  Not looking to break the bank with the higher end models.  I have seen a few folks roll up to the beach with an inflatable boat with a outboard.  This would be great for storage if I didn't have to invest in a trailer.  Any thoughts or recommendations for these?  Not looking to go far out, but I would like to at least be able to hit a few coves, or do some rod n reel fishing. Something comparable to those skiffs you can rent off the Santa Cruz Boardwalk Wharf.


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Re: Recommendations - Inflatable Zodiac Style Boat
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2020, 09:00:58 PM »
Im thinking about selling my 2001 zodiac futura. Its a pretty awesome norcal dive zodiac. You can beach launch from places like Russian gulch in mendo and shallow trailer launch in places like ocean cove and Albion in nearly any tide. Ive done a few launches from pacific city in oregon crossing 4 foot breakers so with some practice you can punch through the breakers on your sandy beach launches. Its a soft bottom so its pretty light weight and can fit in a pick up when rolled up so you can pack it down to baja without messing with the trailer. I have a 2 stroke 30hp Yamaha so it cruises about 35 knots and on flat days you have a ton of range.  Its only 14 feet but if your looking to cruise around with only 3 guys its pretty comfy and I built a removable speargun rack to keep the guns out of the way.  I used to use it constantly when  I lived in norcal full time, now I go back and fourth to Oregon and always seem to have the boat in the opposite place of where I want to dive.

 Feel free to PM me if your interested or need any other info about zodiacs.  Ive dove off zodiacs from southern baja to Washington and am familiar with a lot of the older models and some of the common issues.   They are a unique boat and if you know how to operate them they are extremely good boat for getting to inaccessible dive spots. 


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