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Anyone have an old AB GRAB bar? Or ideas for favorite scallop bar..

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I went out diving today looking for scallops, and after switching to spearfishing somehow lost my favorite old "AB GRAB" bar. I have had this bar for 5 years and super bummed to have lost it..does anyone have one laying around that they would sell?

Otherwise, I need a new scallop bar at this point. Any ideas on a good scallop bar that's legal per regulations?


Just use a regular old national divers steel about iron. A regular length and a short for times when you can't maneuver a long iron.

Steel is better for a couple reasons. It's heavier and weights the float line better. It's also stronger than aluminum and won't break on difficult scallops. I have several broken ab grabs to illustrate that point.

Thanks for the suggestion Rob, I'll look into getting one of these. You've broke several AB GRAB's? Man that seemed like a tough bar to me lol.

I have an aluminum ab iron just sitting around after thinking I lost my original one.
You're welcome to it if you're near Pacific Grove although they're pretty cheap and you'll probably get it faster via amazon.
I've my used aluminum for 1.5 years on scallops without issue so far and I've literally had to wedge it in and kick it to get scallops off. Just yesterday I fought my hardest scallop yet (cemented in a wedge on 2 separate surfaces) and it did just fine. I keep it on my belt with some bungee while spearfishing and it works for me. I usually drop my gun on a float line as a marker, then go to town.

I've been using an aluminum bar and i frequently can't get the scallop off the rock.  I was thinking that more mass might help.  A steel bar bar would be the obvious move, but I've noticed that there are wider bars to choose from as well.  I could see extra width providing more leverage for the twisting motion, but tougher in tight spots.

Anyone done a steel vs aluminum test?

What about a wider bar, or one with more mass?


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