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Free Yazbeck 7mm size 56


Title says it all. Just got a new suit in the mail, so this one needs a new home. I’m 6’1” and 185lbs (42 jacket, 32/32 pants) and it fits perfectly.

The good: The suit is maybe 2 years old and hasn’t been used much. The previous owner lives in San Diego and only dove it a handful of times, and unfortunately I didn’t get out nearly enough this past year to put any serious wear & tear into it. So the suit isn’t too compressed, and the neoprene is still in good shape.

The bad: The previous owner went a little overboard reinforcing the seams before he sent it my way. The glue he used is pretty soft against the skin, but if you don’t use enough lube it can chafe—especially around the inside of your elbows. Since I’ve had the suit, I’ve cut some of the glue back and re-glued a few other spots with regular neoprene glue. I’ve also put a few small holes in it by stabbing myself (not fun) and landing on my stringer while re-entering my kayak (even less fun).

But it’s still a super functional wetsuit, and it’ll keep you warm. Plus it’s free. Would be great if you’re just getting into the sport.

Located in the South Bay, but could meet in SF M-F or Monterey / Carmel on weekends.

My buddy Emmanuel said he wants it. I'll connect you two.

If you still have the suit I could come into SF and pick it up.


--- Quote from: KB on January 12, 2020, 09:51:10 PM ---If you still have the suit I could come into SF and pick it up.

--- End quote ---

Hey, sorry, haven’t logged into the site in a while and missed this. The suit got picked up a while ago.


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