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Light suggestion?
« Reply #15 on: October 04, 2019, 05:24:30 AM »
Maybe we are talking about different lights.  I have the small one.  I believe mako makes two.  Anywho I just want a button or on off switch that is easy.
Sporasub eyelight. No longer made but you can probably still find one new on ebay from Europe.

Sporasub merged with Omer and is now called the divelight Omer Eyelight 2 with improved switch!

The new switch is nice since with the old one you had to move it in a particular way to slide it smoothly. Not that it ever bothered me at all.

Actually the complete inner workings seem to be new. And now you can change the switch between a normal one or a momentary spring loaded switch.

However there is something to be said to buy local from Red Triangle. I am sure that light does the job just as well.
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