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San Quentin - Halibut Diving? (Probably Crazy)

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Hi All,

I drive across the Richmond-San Rafael bridge every day for work, and twice now I have seen people in wetsuits entering the water between the broken down pier and the bridge off of Point San Quentin. I know it's a sandy bottom and there are halibut around some places south of there, but I would have thought this was totally nuts. Anybody ever dive there? With GWS starting to enter the bay more and more, I gotta think this is gnarly.

Viz is usually shitz in the bay, I've never seen it clean enough there to dive it.
GWS there ? ...unlikely... if they would come up the bay likely they would hang by the seal colony on the richmond side of the bridge

If you had to choose anywhere to dive, you're probably safest from GWS in SF Bay. But the viz will probably be lousy. I'd be most concerned about junk in the water: lines, ropes, nets, anything that could snag you in bad viz and hold you down. Be safe.


Shark shield is worth while peace of mind IMO.

If you're in the salt water, you're swimming with sharks whether you see them or not  :D

'Everyone was in shock': Great white shark jerks boat around SF Bay for miles


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