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Free Riffe wetsuit


Alright so this thing is pretty douched but whoever wants it can have it. Size ML 52. Iā€™m almost 5ā€™11ā€ 160lbs and it fits me but it has lost a lot of flexibility and is compressed to maybe a 6mm suit or less, it was a 7mm new. The farmer John has been lopped off and there is a hole that has been repaired in the leg, also some tears around the hood from my humongous gourd that sits on top of my tiny shoulders. PM me and we can finger out shipping/pickup. I live in Watsonville. Thanks for letting me waste your time  ;D

That's a steal! =P If it was just a little taller, I'd be on it (you can keep the cats though :P)!

The wetsuit has found a new home. I am still stuck with the cats


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