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I built a shoredive board recently and I thought I'd share.

Started with a $20 Body Board from Costco. Make sure you get the sweet shark protection graphics.

I had most of the parts lying around from other projects. In total there is about $60 in material if you had to buy it all new:
- (1x) Body Board
- (8x) Leash Plugs
- (10ft) 3/16" Paracord
- (2x) 14"x14" Stretchy motorcycle cargo netting
- (1x) Pair of backpack straps
- (2x) Heavy Rubber Twist Ties
- (3x) Ball Bungees

Construction is pretty self-explanatory:
-Drill holes and install leash plugs. I used hot glue to seal the plugs and prevent water intrusion into the styrofoam. Other types of sealants may react with the styrofoam and degrade it.
-String the paracord tigtly through the leash plugs and secure with a nice surgeon loop knot at each end
-I strung paracord through the netting on the left side of the board, but left it loose on the right side. I secure the right side of the netting with the removable twist ties to make stuffing gear in there easier.
-Everything else clips/ties to the paracord.

Gear bag, gun, fish stringer, water bottle, shoes, and dive flag all clip to the paracord and the netting keeps them constrained and streamlined on the water

Construction took about an hour. I had all the material sitting around and a plan drawn up (literally because I'm a nerd and I plan everything out in CAD before I build/buy) for a few months until my buddies called for a last minute shore-dive and I slapped it together the night before.

I'm very happy with how it turned out. It's light and compact enough to climb down a cliff with it on your back and still buoyant enough to be effective. Way better than the crappy inner tube I had been using and it motivated me to explore some new spots. First shore dive since I got a kayak two years ago:

-Effective and affordable
-Catch a wave on your way in

-Limited storage
-Limited buoyancy

Build me one bru


--- Quote from: Zzz on June 28, 2019, 11:09:43 AM --- Make sure you get the sweet shark protection graphics.

--- End quote ---

Hahahah that was hilarious. Board looks great! I really like the second net on top. riding waves on the way in is the best.

Couple thoughts. Your fins will slip out the bottom as you do longer hikes. I had to put a leash plug centered on the bottom to keep them from going through. Does the paracord at the top (that the straps clip to) stay on? If so, it might cause unwanted drag as you swim and might catch on kelp or shallow rocks on your way in/out. What do you do with the straps while your in the water? I like keeping a dive bag connected so that I can put my watersocks/straps/fish in it while on the water (water socks aka shoes that go over my wetsuit booties so that they don't rip while hiking down cliffs) - I find the fish like to flop around if they're not transported in the dive bag. This is only relevant if hiking a ways back to the car. What do you use to anchor? I prefer kelp clip/boogie leash, but as kelp is lacking these days, I made a simple anchor out of a 3# dive weight connected to a reef hook (with a 6" leader to the hook from the weight). It keeps the board in place with 550 cord. :)

I haven't used the thing much yet (I'm lucky to get in 10 dive days a year) so more testing is needed. I did repel down a cliff yesterday and it was perfect, however. The only upgrade I think I need right now is a small camleback reservoir with a hose so I don't have to fumble with my water bottle as much.

Gear stowage, fish floppage, and fin slippage isn't much of a problem. I can get crafty enough with my kui, floatline, and assortment of carabiners and tuna clips to keep it all secure. I run my kui through my foot pockets for added security when hiking.

The backpack strap mounting could be better, but it works. I unclip the straps and stuff them into the my small gear bag otw and the drag from the paracord is negligible and its tight enough that its not likely to catch kelp (There is no kelp here anyway  :( )

I can easily clip my 3# folding kayak anchor on if I choose. Yesterday I just drug the board behind me on the end of my floatline and it was hardly noticeable.

Nice board! Really similar to one I made for myself last year and I still love it! Although I have graphic envy now from seeing yours...


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