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Red Abalone: REVIEW Project Team Coordination & Draft 5/22 Meeting Summary


Re-post from an email I received   
Rachelle Fisher  of  Strategic Earth
 Hello Everyone,

Thank you again for your participation in the Red Abalone Project Team meeting in Santa Rosa on May 22, 2019. This email is being sent to those who provided their emails on the sign in sheet or via the webinar.

Attached for your collective review is a draft ‘key themes’ summary that aims to reflect the overall discussions and comments shared during Project Team’s meeting. This summary is not intended to act as a transcript but rather to provide an overview of the topics, discussions, and related next steps considered during the meeting. We would appreciate your review of this draft by 5pm on Wednesday, June 26, 2019. Suggested feedback, with a focus on identifying anything that is factually incorrect or misrepresents the idea being conveyed. Edit can be shared via tracked changes and/or comments directly emailed to Strategic Earth at If no comments are received, we will assume the draft is an accurate representation of the discussion had.

We thank you in advance for your thoughtful feedback on the draft. Please note, this draft is not intended for broad public distribution at this time. We anticipate a final summary will be circulated to the full public email list and posted online (here and here) during the latter part of the week of June 24.

During the May 22 meeting, there was a request to explore ways for Project Team participants to share ideas/proposals and collaborate between Project Team meetings/webinars. The Admin Team and Strategic Earth are unable to facilitate or moderate these discussions due to capacity and resource limitations, however, we are happy to share copies of the flipcharts from the de minimis fishery brainstorm (here). We have also developed a spreadsheet (here) for those interested in collaborating to share your contact information (not required). Please let Strategic Earth know if any other information that would be helpful. As small group discussions take place, we would appreciate any ideas/proposals developed by the group to be shared with Strategic Earth a minimum of 7 days (one week) in advance of the next Project Team meeting/webinar. A reminder that the Project Team Charter has now identified July 18 as the requested deadline for submitting ideas/proposal to the Project Team for consideration.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns.

All our best,
Rachelle and the Strategic Earth Team
Rachelle Fisher, MAS
Senior Associate
Strategic Earth Consulting
P: 805-845-9852C: 714-330-7976


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