Author Topic: Mako 3 in 1 Traveler Pole Spear - issue with threading  (Read 311 times)

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Mako 3 in 1 Traveler Pole Spear - issue with threading
« on: March 11, 2019, 02:27:22 PM »
Hey all!

For reference, here is the Mako travel pole spear:

Some backstory:
I bought the pole spear, flopper tip (it comes with a 5-prong), and adapter (needed to attach the flopper tip to the pole) last summer. A week ago, I lost the pole and 5-prong to the ocean :(

Weird threading issue:
I bought the same travel pole spear, but the flopper tip adapter does not screw in all the way to the pole, while the 5-prong does. Another thing I noticed that I didn’t notice last summer is that the flopper tip does not screw in all the way to the adapter so there are some exposed threads. I called the Mako shop and sent them some photos, but they said it was all normal. From what I rememeber of my old pole, the adapter screwed in all the way to the pole leaving no gap. It even shows no gap in the picture on the website.

Does anyone have the same pole spear and same issue? Just seems like a weird detail and more of a defect. Here are some photos:

Also... I’m trying to get into spearboard to post this same thing to reach out to more peeps outside Norcal, but haven’t been approved to post yet. Anyone else have that same problem? I even tried emailing the admin but the email bounced.

Thanks in advance!


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