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Speargun builders- willing to sell a blank?

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Hello to all the gun builders out there. I'm looking into building my first gun, and I have most of the tools to do it besides the big stuff (table saw, planer etc.) that would be needed to cut and straighten the blank. So, I'm wondering if I could get around that this time by finding a blank that is already made. I found some on sale at, but when I called he said he didn't know when he'd be getting them back in stock. Neptonics also sells them from time to time but when I called it was the same story.

So I'm wondering if there are any builders on here that might have a blank laying around you would be willing to part with? I am looking to build a rear-handled gun in the 48"-55" range.



Mike n:

I don't have any blanks laying around, but I have a bunch of material ready to be used.  I only make blanks for guns that will be epoxy coated, though.

Let me know the specs and I'll see what I can come up with; final dimensions and wood type(s).  Based on that I can estimate a price.


Charlie, may want to try searching on spearboard

Hey Mike,

Thanks for responding! I think my final gun length will be 55" in total, so a completed blank 55"L x 3"W x 2"H or thereabouts would do what I need. Teak would be my wood of choice.

I was thinking about an oil finish for the gun, but I didn't know that the blank played a role in how the gun will be finished. What's the difference between a blank made for an oil finish v.s. one that will be epoxied?



Mike n:
Water tight integrity to prevent delamination is the primary concern.

I don't have any teak, sorry. 

Good luck with your search.



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