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Winter/spring diving


Do these large swells last all winter and spring here, or does the ocean let up a bit to allow for some diving in the next couple of months? I haven't been able to get out for 1.5 months; I'm hoping there's more opportunities to before May.

Yes, occasionally we will get a weather window between storms but that is completely unpredictable. We should be able to get out a few times over the next few months. Around Mid April, the swells generally will let up a bit but the wind can howl through May.

I really hope so. I took the FII class early November and haven't been able to get into the water since. Sucks that I learned things I can't practice yet...*and* I just got new carbon fins that haven't even touched the water.

Welcome to will also never drop more than 30 meters because your suit will compress and you will drown. I wouldn't suggest anything past 20 meters with all that weight, but with 2 meters of viz you really won't be diving more than 10 meters most days. Pool practice is the only way to stay sane here. Let me know if you want to train in Napa.


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