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What do you guys think of pedals instead of paddles?

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I have been looking into getting a pedal powered kayak for spearfishing, and all the reviews online are from line fisherman.

I am curious to hear if anyone of you regularly take pedal powered kayak out to dive? I'm solely going to use the kayak in NorCal waters, so how easy/hard is it to move around in a pedal kayak as compared to a regular kayak in these waters? With all the gear and fish on the yak, plus the pedaling action, is it not rocking way too much compared to a paddle kayak?

Does the floating kelp get tangled on the propeller?

Also, I've seen 2 different systems, one with classic propeller, and the other looks like the pedaling is translated to fin movement, which one do you think has more power?

I appreciate any input you may provide, even better if you know of someone selling their pedal kayak!


what is kelp?

I got a Hobie Compass earlier this year. I think the pros definitely outweigh the cons. It's so much faster than a paddle kayak I love it. Handles great, but you due need momentum to turn unlike a paddle kayak. Like "the Derrick" said, what kelp?


--- Quote from: the_derek on October 26, 2018, 08:38:29 AM ---what is kelp?

--- End quote ---

it is a all natrual shark deterrent that is just as scientifically proven as a the invasive man made alternatives

Just wanted to add a question, how is launching with pedal drive? Any worries about getting beached and ruining them with big surf? Easy to punch out of the waves?


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