Author Topic: Two shark attacks in two days CA  (Read 2402 times)

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Re: Two shark attacks in two days CA
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What if I just only dive with fatter people? Clearly they'll want the bigger meal right?

For me, shark shied= peace of mind while diving and that is not something I can put a price on. If top scientists told me wearing a piece of lettuce tied around my ankle works than I would wear it.

Peace of mind = better diving, I know if I am in a spookey area my dive times are all off. You ever get used to the shock or just eventually learn to dive without being shocked

Being shocked is no longer an issue for me.

Parviz mentioned to me a method he uses where he does get shocked anymore too. I can't remember what he said but if anyone has a question or problem getting shocked he will happily give advice on it.

he puts a small loop of string on his fin and runs the leash through it. I have asked him to send me some pictures of his set up  and when I get them I will post for you all.

Ever get that pic???


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