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email sent to Marry Callahan of the sonoma county PD             
A couple thing you might want to know about,

first off Us divers and ocean lovers are losing faith and have no trust in the Ca DFW,  they have proven this time and time again so I am hoping some media attention might help. Here is a letter I have written to

Senators Bill Dodd and Mike McGuire as well as Tom Weseloh Chief consultant for the Joint Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture as well as the Ca Marine Resources Committee and fish game directly explaining our issues and concerns.

 I am writing this letter with concern as an ocean lover and user and coastal resident regarding purple sea urchin population and how it is killing our coastline and fisheries and starving out the abalone. We ask you the above named parties and Ca DFW to work with the recreational divers to work together and cooperation from the department on the current situation we have on the north coast with the purple sea urchins and how they are destroying the whole ecosystem, not just abalone but the whole food web and ecosystem. Time and time again it seems as if fish and Wildlife and especially Dr Cynthia Catton in the department keep putting up these stop signs and road blocks and basically dragging their feet regarding recreational divers help with removing the purple urchin and fast tracking any actions to help this cause. We have tried countless times to get the department to lift and or raise limits on the purple urchins and or take some sort of emergency action which they can do if they want. Or even work collaboratively with recreational divers with issuing removal permits and harvest permits and work together on this major issues. If the purple sea urchins are not put in check and balance the ocean and abalone and rock fish may never rebound!!!!! That is our concern as divers and ocean lovers. I have watched the situation get worse and worse year by year and if we don't not act soon there will be nothing to save. I am writing this letter for myself and the 1300 + members that I represent from Norcal Underwater Hunters.
On May 26 & 27, 28 memorial weekend myself and Sonoma County Abalone Network will be Scheduling the first official recreational purple urchin removal event and Fundraiser raffle in conjunction with the  2018 Norcal Underwater Hunters Meet & Greet camp out at Ocean cove campground. At this time we will be removing whatever the regulations will let us hopefully by then limits will be removed ideally. We expect to have a couple hundred divers and volunteers at this event. We also be holding a fundraiser Raffle to raise funds which will be dedicated to pay for a commercial urchin diver to work the Sonoma County Coast to go along with the 2 boats currently working in Mendocino coast.  We encourage you to attend and get involved. We really hope to hear your thoughts and ideally your involvement and team work on this issue. Once again we invite you to join us for this great event and really hope to hear your response and input and work together on the important matter to the north coast and the people who live near the north coast and or just love it.

Matt Mattison Sonoma county & coastal resident and diver for over 38 years

Cell 707-478-1504


Here are some examples of how the Ca DFw is not  cooperating and even considering the request of the divers or the Marine resource committee 

1. The previous commission directed the department to create an FMP using the best science available anywhere. which they have not done

Three things drivers been asking for the whole time;

2. Multiple indicators. In the past to department has only used density to manage the fishery divers asked the department to get away from this since the density of the index sites never match what we saw in the ocean. The new FMP uses density is the sole metric for action but they tell us it’s different indicators because it’s density of shallow water density of deep water density of new recruits density of older abalone, etc. but it’s all density

3. We wanted citizen science in the plan should not just department was monitoring the fishery but other agencies and other NGOs as well.

4. Finally we want a d-minimums fishery. This is the only way we see this fishery re-opening in our lifetimes.  It’s a well excepted practice it’s used in many fisheries there’s no reason why I can’t be used in this one.

I can give more examples if you need.



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