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Check out the latest @turnoftidecast episode! Biologist, Alyssa R. Frederick (@paua_biologist) explores the history, science, and culture of the red #abalone fishery in California. Learn more about this issue here!

In Part 1 of a special-edition series on the closure of the red abalone fishery in California, I explore the history of this iconic and important species, and what the December 2017 decision to close this fishery means. I first interview Katie Sowul, a scientist from CA Fish and Wildlife, who discusses how she and her colleagues assess wild red abalone populations, and what the ongoing threats to this species are. I also explore the cultural importance of these animals in an interview with Aryana Henthorne of the Sherwood Valley Band of Pomo Indians. She discusses the ongoing colonization of this fishery, challenges for Native people who depend on this resource, and the cultural importance of red abalone.

This is Part 1 of a series on red abalone. The series will continue to explore how science and communities can embrace multiple knowledge and value systems to move toward a more sustainable future while preserving human rights and culture.


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