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Kayak tie-down advice needed

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I found a wickedly good deal on a kayak in the LA area and I’m hoping to pick it up when I head down there this weekend. The kicker is I’m flying down from San Jose and driving my girlfriend’s car back up. Her car has roof racks that run the length of the roof, but no cross bars.

The boy scout in me wants to say it’s fine, square lash some EMT or 2x4s across the racks with 550 cord and carry on as if they were normal cross bars (cam lock strap on each set of dowells plus a bow and a stern line), but since we’ll have a long and probably windy drive ahead of us, I want to be extra cautious. So my question for those of you who do a lot of kayak diving (or are generally more familiar with the forces involved) is does this sound like a recipe for disaster, or like a viable temporary fix? The only reason I don’t want to fork out for a set of factory cross bars if I can avoid it is because my car already has them, so we’d only be using them for this trip.

Edit: based on responses from another forum, it sounds like emt or 2x4s would be a better option than the dowells I was originally going to use.

I am not recommending this behavior, but I would do what you said. In my mind bow and stern lines dramaticly reduces risk.

Derrek dosnt even have roof racks on his lexus, just 2 peicea of galvanized 1 inch pipe, some foams blocks.

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Flip the yak upside down on foam blocks with the two cam lock straps and bow and stern lines and you will be golden. You can pick up cheap foam blocks at most sporting good stores. The yak is pretty aerodynamic when flipped over, cross winds can cause some wobble but bow and stern line are good piece of mind. Just my 2 cents. Good luck and congrats on the new yak!

Just use foam to keep it off the paint. Transport it upside down. Run the straps thru the cabin and shut the doors. Unless you’re doing 80 in reverse a bow line should be enough overkill.

Mattison used to haul his on his wife’s car. Shoot him a pm


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