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2017 Pacific Coast Championships Sat. Oct. 28, 2017
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2017 Pacific Coast Championships
Sat. Oct. 28, 2017 San Simeon Campground
GLACD is hosting the PCC’s in the same general area, we explored a couple options but felt for this year, the schedule was not conducive to moving the location in the time left to plan the meet.
A few minor tweaks to the existing rules have been agreed upon by the USOA reps and reps from GLACD, CenCal, NorCal diving councils. Please READ and understand the rules, or get clarification for any questions. We hope to have excellent competition and good catches, and safe diving. This is a TEAM competition, and an individual competition. If divers are not council or club oriented, or do not have a team designation, teams can be formed at the registration by interested divers. Individuals may compete solo, their points will not count toward any team totals if not registered with a team.
The meet hosting site will be the San Simeon state campground as usual. YOU….. are responsible for your campsite or lodging. There is a MANDATORY competitors’ meeting Friday evening in the campground. Divers must register and check in Friday evening. Meeting will be at 6:30-8pm. ALL teams MUST have at least 1 representative at the Competitors’ meeting, ALL entries must be handled by Friday evening. The only reason for a diver missing the meeting would be traffic related. Please be there to go over F&G rules, questions about the meet, CHOOSING a dive site, and for formation of teams if single divers are not council or team affiliated.
Meet rules:
The meet will be held on Saturday, Oct. 28. Start time will be 8:30am, there will BE NO TRAVEL TIME. Meet duration is 6 hours, must be in the staging area directly in front of the exit zone at 2:30. Enter the water at the staging area prior to the start between 8-8:30. The weigh in will be held at the beach as quickly as possible once the diving is concluded.
This is a NO SCOUTING MEET. The SCOUTING boundaries are as follows, from South to North: There is to be no diving between The area known as ‘Windmills’, or Cayucos Point. This is about 1 mile north on hwy 1 from Cayucos state beach. This is the southern scouting boundary. The Northern scouting boundary is the Piedras Blancas SMR. There is to be no entering these waters by competitors for a period of one month prior to the meet. Any competitors who are protested PRIOR to the meet for scouting will not be allowed to participate. Please, follow these simple rules.
The meet boundaries: We will be omitting the prior years’ location, and related area from the meet. The area from the large exposed rock ½ mile south of the Moonstone entry, to the NORTHERN edge of the sand beach in front of the campground are off limits for the meet. The sand beach in question is the one with the highway bridge.
There are NO electronic devices allowed. No fishfinders, depth sounders allowed. NO GPS of any kind allowed. NO Cellphones of any kind allowed. The ONLY electronics allowed will be a basic VHF radio for safety, (With NO capability for GPS) and dive lights. Dive slates are NOT ALLOWED. No note cards, no documented landmarks allowed. This meet is about running wild to find fish…..
The vessels allowed are human powered only; no motorized vessels, no wind powered vessels. Kayak, boogie boards, SUP boards, canoes are all acceptable.
This is a 20 fish meet. F&G rules will be met, or exceeded. Any fish that is a violation of STATE rules will be a disqualification. Any LEGAL fish which is short of tournament sizes will not apply toward a diver’s catch, but IS NOT A DISQUALIFYING OFFENSE. The fish, however, WILL count toward your state total of 20 fish, it WILL count toward your 10 fish RCG, or your lingcod limit, etc.
4 fish per species, with the exceptions: Lingcod 2 fish, 24” minimum length. Sheephead, 2 fish, 18” minimum length. Black rockfish, 3 fish. Cabezon 2 fish, 15” minimum length. WSB 3fish, 28” minimum length.
All other fish are 4 per species, including assorted perch, rockfish, sculpin, topsmelt, etc. with a minimum length of 14”. The RCG is 10 fish total: Rockfish, Cabezon and Greenling. You must NOT possess more than 10 total combined of these species, cabezon are a maximum of 2, and they do count toward your 10 rockfish limit. Going over the 10 RCG is a disqualification.
Human powered spears only. Polespears, spearguns, roller guns, are allowed. No pneumatics, no powerheads.
Divers must shoot their own fish. There is no team loading of catch allowed. Divers are not to discard fish. No trading up. If you take 2 lings…… you are done taking lings for the day. Move along.
PROTESTS: Any protests regarding divers or teams during the meet MUST be presented immediately before the weigh-in. IF POSSIBLE, the protest will be dealt with immediately at this time before the catch is weighed in. If not practical, it will have to go to a committee made of council leads and USOA rep, and the fish will be weighed and counted. Announcement of winner would have to be postponed. PLEASE; don’t do anything against the rules or the spirit of the meet. We do not enjoy this part. Thank you.
Entry Fees: The meet is $20 to participate per diver. There are trophies for 1-5 individual, and 1st place teams. There is a trophy for biggest fish as well. Winning diver gets their name on the Al Schnepperschoff perpetual trophy.

Click here to Down Load the registration form:

Los Angeles Fathomiers web site with more info



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