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Sous Vide Abalone---is it really worthwhile?

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We've had an immersion circulator for a few years and have mostly used it to sous vide meats. It's a great tool and it really does live up to the hype around it. I'm not sure why it took me so long to try abalone. I guess I didn't want to waste it if it didn't turn out well. I don't know what I was thinking though because sous vide abalone rules!

I used the basic David Chang guidelines---82 degrees Celsius for three hours----but cut the time down to two hours since I used thick slices and there was going to be further cooking once it was out of the bag. The results were perfect. It remained firm but sliced very easily and melted in the mouth like butter. We did a fresh pasta preparation with the first round. Yesterday I did two bigger chunks that hadn't been sliced and we plan on doing a couple experimental dishes with them. I'll post the results once they have been tested.

Did you pound the slices or the whole abalone post cleaning? I've been interested in trying this sometime - a friend has a sous vide.


After the sous vide, did you fry it or just eat it as is? Btw thanks for experimenting. I will definitely try that recipe with my anova  ;D

We always pound the abalone whole with a veal press, regardless of the preparation.

After cooking sous vide we have cooked it a little further but I tried it out of the bag and it was very tender. So far we've seared it and grilled it. We have a sushi preparation we want to try with the sous vide and fried slices but we haven't tried that yet.

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We prepared the remainder of our sous vide cooked abalone the other night in the form of ridiculously overstuffed, American style sushi rolls.
We sliced the abalone very thinly, breaded and fried it, then rolled it with avocado, cucumber and uni. There was some wasabi in there and also some red chili aioli. Sprinkled on top are toasted sesame seeds and tobiko.
We made a couple inside out and a couple conventional style.

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