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"Blue Water Hunting and freediving" Digital Edition is out


Joshua R.:
Of course NCUH was partially created to allow for us to ask each other questions and better our skill and knowledge of diving but if you're ever looking for that one book to buy that will tell you everything, "Blue Water Hunting and Freediving" by Terry Maas is the one.  Everything from breathe hold and freediving technique to how to rig for tuna or build your own equipment.  How to test rubber  when tying bands and why you would want to.  It's all here.

Here's a link to a sample of the digital version now available.

Here's the link to buy.

You won't be sorry.

Hi Josh

Thank you for your recommendation.  I will sure to order one.


Your name was mentioned on Page 14 video.

Enjoying the book greatly.

Joshua R.:
That was an awesome trip to Punta de Mita Mexico.  I didn't even know Terry was filming that shot but it came out perfect.

Wow. This is an  incredible bargain. Thanks for the heads up. I have the hard copy book, but the videos add so much more in terms of understanding.
See you at Van Damme.


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