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Garage cleaing mandate - DIY guns for sale.

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Mike n:
Hey all,
Here are a few pics of a bunch of mids I built over the last year or so.  They are accumulating dust in my garage and wify says it’s time to thin the pack before I start more gun building projects.  Yeah, right!  :-)  Begrudgingly, I agreed.
These are all for sale:  open track, reef mech with side line release, multi-coat epoxy finish, stock length are 32, 35, 48, 48, 49, 59, 62, 63 and 67”, arranged shortest to longest in the photos.  The shorties are 2 band guns with 9/32” shafts ($400each), the 48-49” and three band guns with 9/32 or 5/16" shafts ($500 each), the 59- 63” are three band guns with 5/16” shafts ($600 each), and the 67” is a four band gun with a 5/16” shaft ($700).   Shipping included to lower 48 destinations.   All guns come fully rigged with 300 or 400# mono, muzzle bungee or break away, shaft, bands, the tip not included with threaded shafts.
If you see something you like or want more info, shoot me a PM or email to

Great guns made by a diver and a true craftsmen. Highly recommend

Love the wang and yellow? Awesome looking combo! And always dig the purple hart! Wish i had the funds

I have one of these and they are awesome.

 By far the best gun I've ever owned.  I have the black and yellow combo and It will make even the ugliest kayak setup get compliments when that beautiful work of art is strapped to the side.   Shoots great and looks better. It  also makes a awsome wall hanger when the ocean is rough.  if you tape a tennis ball on the end it works great to take out spooked flys on the ceiling.  Multiple uses for one good deal so better buy quick .


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