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Inflatable RIB trailer modifications

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Just scored an 11' Avon RIB, and it came with jet ski trailer, very wonky, currently boat sits on the tire fenders and I'm afraid its going to wreck the hull
looking for best way to customize the trailer to support the boat, and pos add tool box.

Curious what other members have done and any advice/suggestions are welcome

Rick W:
There are bunch of adjustable mounts on boat trailers. My RIB trailer has two pair of brackets that carry a 2x6 with carpet. The RIB trailer looks like any hardbottom boat trailer.

Look at the trailers in the marina next time you launch to see what will clamp on your trailer.

Good luck

NorCal DiverDave:
I rebuilt Matt Mattisons trailer for his 16 foot rib.
New outdoor carpet covered runners, 2x6 treated wood.
2 flat rollers on the back and a grooved roller in the front middle to guide the keel. A grooved rubber stopper at the front keel.
New lights and new larger tires.
New metal adjustable brackets and bolts for the runners and rollers.
I got All material at West Marine in Santa Rosa for $400 except the tires.
Put the runners laying flat just inside the pontoons to support the hard bottom and pontoons. They should fit inside this groove as a guide when loading the boat.
The back rollers should be just high enough to get the front of the boat up and over the runners.
Ounce the boat is all the way in to the front stopper it should sit on the front roller and the runners, it can touch the fenders with not much weight on them.

I purchased a CE Smith Multi-Sport Trailer trailer for $850 and assembled for my 12 feet RIB and it works great.
You can search for a lower price and free shipping from website.
Also, CE Smith sells many trailer parts if you decide to modify your trailer.

ken jan:
Ive been looking at one of those for my inflatable. Glad you like it.
 Question:  are those lights submersible and looks like you attach a transom saver to the back ?


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