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April Morels

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--- Quote from: randyrhoads on June 10, 2015, 11:44:46 AM ---Might go with you and split gas if that's cool. Guessing you'll be passing right by my place up 101. Zack and Matt can go together since they live close and like to pass time in the road in a way we don't.

--- End quote ---

sounds like a plan !

There's a place up there called black trumpet bistro that makes food with all the local mushrooms in the area I plan on checking out up there.  Me and Matt L are gonna crash at my parents place but you guys are probably gonna have to get a motel up there.  The oregon fish and game office is just a field office, so they're rarely open.  They are always there between around 8am to about 9am before they head out for the day so I'll probably be leaving at midnight to get there around that time so I can get my ab permit.  They'll need to see your fishing license, but there's a fishing shop right across the road from the dfg office.  I'll send you the address info on fb.

Matt, are you bringing anyone?  Bringing a yak or boat or anything?  I can talk to my dad about using his boat, but it's pretty cramped so we'll play it by ear.  If not, still some good shore access spots up there.  Hardly any pressure on the ab population up there regardless of where you dive.  Give me a call if you want to work out the details.

Oh, and bring your 11" gauge.... ;)

I will


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