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Red Abalone Transect Protocol

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Joshua R.:
There have been a few questions about transect protocol lately so here is the part of the official document detailing the procedure.  The second half of the document is just species identification pictures of urchin and starfish.

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It appears that they aren't directed to look under rocks or to use flashlights.  Obviously it's very difficult and can be unsafe to be inverted in surge wearing scuba. It doesn't seem accurate to use only emergent abalone to determine population with any degree of accuracy.  Depending on the type of structure, as many if not more abalone of all sizes can be found under the rocks as can be found exposed, but they very often can't be seen without a flashlight.

AWESOME thank you for posting Josh. I have stickyed this so that it will not get lost over time.

Interesting read.  Nice stick figure graphics.  That's my level of artistic talent. 

Thanks Josh.  I look forward to reading it. 
Here's a somewhat related article in today's Atlantic that may deserve a thread of it's own. It goes over some of the pros and cons of open access to science research. It's something I've been flirting with in posts regarding communication between researchers and the public.
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