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How to tie a quick release knot

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How to tie a quick release knot.

When Rob Allen visited me earlier this year at Sturgill in Torrance, he had a knot he demonstrated as a substitute for the metal snap clips. You know, the swivel/snaps, we all use to connect our reel line to our shooting line. Rob called that metal snap "jewelry". Ha ha ha ha.

Rob uses a slip knot to connect his reel line to his mono shooting line instead. It's one less part that can fail. And he swears he has been towed around by Marlin and this knot has never come apart. And since it's a slip knot, you can easily untie it to retrieve/untangle/remove the shaft from your fish. and it back on can be easier than  snapping a clip with gloves on your hands.

Here are the notes from RA himself.

"It is easy. Twice around the mainline the fold the tag line in half and push it through. If your hands are occupied holding the fish and spear, you can pull the knot loose with your teeth.
Point of interest, if you load this until it breaks, the dyneema will cut through the mono. I have only heard of this once, a guy shot a great white and then climbed into the boat and tied the float line off on the bow. The white dragged the boat  around for a hour while they had lunch.  After an hour they started the motors and put the motors in reverse. After a few minutes they added more power  and the line parted. To increase the knot strength you can wrap the dyneema twice around the mono before wrapping twice around itself."

I wrap twice and put the end through the loop. If you don't, it loosens, and this way is just as easy to undo one handed.

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I use the tuna clip so I can secure the gun to the kayak when I'm stringering fish or for surf launches.

And last time I checked, Rob Allen guns came with a tuna clip on the handle.

A tuna clip on your shooting line?


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