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Diver found dead off Monastery Beach

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Here's a link from the Monterey Herald about him:
Diver found dead off Monastery Beach

The Monterey County Herald
Updated: 08/20/2009 11:35:20 AM PDT

A 22-year-old male scuba diver has died in the waters off Carmel's Monastery Beach this morning.
Rescue workers tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate the man, after he was towed to shore at about 10 a.m. The man was diving with two other men. All three were "very experienced" divers according to a state park official.

There's also a thread on Scubaboard about him with posts from his brother and father:

Damn, my heart goes out to his family. 250' is pretty damn deep. Must have been tech-divers.

I would have to agree that is pretty dam deep !!!!!!

Yes, they were tech divers. I knew Correy personally. He worked at Anywater Sports in San Jose. He's also the guy I sold my first dryuit to. He's a really cool guy. Alway very helpful in and out of the shop.


i too am sorry for their families and friends.... its such a shame to lose anyone this early in their life... but at least they passed on doing what they love.. 250'?! wow.. thats truly amazing...


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