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I have been searching for a diving school in San Mateo county where I live, and have identified a few possibilities.  One of the instructors I really like has 50+ years of diving experience and seem to have very good local knowledge, but he is associated with the NAUI certification program, as opposed to the PADI program which I seem to see more often.

Can anyone tell me whether the certification type make any difference for a future-casual diver such as myself?  Meaning, I don't intend to teach diving or open up a diver shop in the future. 

I did the PADI , but I don't think their much difference you still end up in the water, heard from a guy that padi was more military like, but don't know why? it was easy and they went over the material three times, almost a guaranteed pass.
I think Mat did the other one

I did PADI way back when PADI was a lot more professional. I'm not taking anything away from any instructor, they are all public servants in my book! They don't make any money doing it, at least not in this part of the state. If you're going just going to be a recreational diver, I don't see anything wrong with either agency. Now, I know there are gonna be PADI haters and maybe even NAUI haters, but the bottom line is, and this is just my opinion, having an instructor with that many years of knowledge supersedes any b.s. about which organization to use! Go with the instructor that you already said you clicked with! Besides, you really learn diving after certification anyway! When you go on your own and no one but you has your back, buddy diving or not! You can drown a few feet from your buddy and he wouldn't have been the wiser! That's why I feel that who you buddy up with after certification is really much more important than what agency you got certified through! Now go get certified and then come dive with some of us! ;D   

Stacy Stephenson:
I did NAUI 15 years ago, it was a breeze. I did PADI 5 years ago it was alittle more informative, as krisdude said if you just want get in the water then I don't think it matters. stay safe and have fun, Plan your Dive, Dive your plan

I did padi 20 somethign years ago, now the LDS does  SSI and theysay its better then padi or naui. i dunno for sure but my dive buddy is training with them alot and he is almost an instructor and he tells me its a good program.
 I did my nitrox there


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