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Got my master diver crt today.

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Well I finished up the last of my classes and dives for my master diver cert today at still water. I was finishing up my stress and rescue and navigation dives. We arrived at 9am to over cast/foggy skies with the usual north coast chill. So we got suited up and per fromed our required drills for stress and rescue. Oh by the way inside the cove it was pretty calm but any of the outer points was rough. So after finishing the stress and rescue up we went in and warmed up and I went back out to do my nav portion and had a wonderful 2 to 3ft vis the bloom is definitely here and plus was it was all stirred up and foamy. any who lets say it made challenging. I just thought I would share.

 So mr.master diver ;) ;D Let me be the first to say congrats.

Congrats. Matt. My Rescue Diver course was the best class I had taken. Good to have another Rescuerer out there with us bro. I gotta check and make sure my CPR qual. is still good....

Ahhhh...Matthewson. You do very well!!! Miaggi Rogers very proud.


--- Quote from: divn-cali on July 26, 2009, 10:42:08 PM ---Ahhhh...Matthewson. You do very well!!! Miaggi Rogers very proud.

--- End quote ---
Thank you masta,


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