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Aggressive jumbo squid spook San Diego scuba divers

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I came across this in this morning's sf chronicle about Jumbo squid attacking scuba divers off the San Diego coast. Here is the link to the article.

 HMMMMMM? wouldn't it be crazy to spear one of these suckers, I use that tern loosely...Im now curious about that too bad none of them had their weapon's ...

it would be one heck of a ride I would imagine.


--- Quote from: matt mattison on July 23, 2009, 04:09:17 PM ---it would be one heck of a ride I would imagine.

--- End quote ---

Wonder how much thrust one about 5' long can generate?  I wonder what it would be like to have one on the end of my spear as hundreds swarmed it and began ripping it apart?

Man, I wish I could figure out how to post pic's. Two years ago I went out on the New Sea Angler out of Bodega for Giant Humbolt Squid. It was the best damn fishing trip of my life!!!! I caught so many squid it was sick. At least 12 of them were over five feet long and 40 plus pounds up to 70 pounds! No shiot!!! I have the pictures to prove it. I went with 6 other guys from work and we all slayed the living hell out of them. "NO LIMIT" on size or count! I had 90 pounds of pure fillet when I was done cleaning them and their really easy to clean and absolutely scrumptious!!! I gave at least half of my catch away on the boat to others who got sick or tired out! That's right, tired out! My arms were numb and sore for three days! They have so much power that my broomstick of a tuna rod would double over the side of the boat! No kidding! They were so voracious and there were thousands of them that came to the surface right under the boat, the whole time, as long as we kept the action going with the jigs. Let me tell ya somethin, if someone would have fallen into the water, they would have been dragged down 600' to their death, I know this for a fact! They would hit the jig as soon as we tossed it on the water! All's I could see over the side of the boat was big ass missiles underwater! It was like a National Geographic Show! But I was right in the thick of it! The squid have not returned too plentiful since that year. But me and my work buddies watch the reports in winter time (Nov.-Feb.), that's when they come, if they come. I will never miss out on that opportunity again, it was that much fun! So, shoot one underwater with their voracious and powerful eating machine cousins around? I would say, "HELL NO" I will figure out posting pic's and show you guys what I have, friggin awesome man!
Mike Rogers


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