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WTB:Used Camo two piece suit

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Hey there,

If anyone has a spare camouflage suit laying around that is in decent shape and their looking to sell it for a couple extra bucks, maybe to buy that pair of fins theyve been eyeing for some time, let me know. I am 5'6" 155 31" waist. If you think it will fit me, give me a hollar. Thanks for your time,


Brandon Turknett:
Dang man, you just missed out on matts killer deal on the yazbeck. that sucks but im sure youll find something on here. if not be sure and check out Sac Freedive shop in november. they have some screamin deals. i got my yaz for less than 200 and some other deals that were once in a lifetime. Who knows what will happen this year?

phil herranen:
i have a medium 7mill (size 3) gray camo spetton with only around 10 dives on it. it was the right weight for me but its too short im 6'1'' and 150#
i would sell for $225

Call Vanessa at the Freedive Shop.  She has a couple racks of discontinued and last year's suits for way less than they're worth.

Hey Phil - I may definately be interested in the gray cammo you have for sale. Where are you located?

Speargearshop - where is the Freedive shop? Im pretty new, and not familiar with the shop. Thanks,



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