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4 Suunto Favor and 2 Genesis Resource Pro console dive computers


I've had these guys for awhile, and I know that at least two of the Suuntos work (they have batteries :P) and will go into dive log mode from the test dive I took them all on; one of the other two looks decent... I can't vouch at all for the fourth. The two Resource Pro comps are in great shape, just don't have the batteries. The Resource Pro computers go for 140 used, but I can't pretend to expect to get anywhere near that. My idea is this: I wanted to give you guys a jump on these guys for some interesting trades. I scuba, but not anywhere near as much as I freedive and spear, so any freedive gear would be amazing. I need a few things, like a decent ab bar (mine is a 20+ year old hand me down), a 9" ab gauge, some Black Team or Millenium 42-44 size footpockets or anything else interesting. Give me your offers! :P I'll put these on Spearboard in a few days.

I have ab bars and a 9 inch gauge that we can work somthing out with pm me.


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