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WTB Black Team footpockets size 42-44


I'm looking for a pair of Black Team footpockets to fit my wide a$$ feet for the blades I won at the BABL (hell yeah!). Anyone have an older pair they want to part with? I may be able to rock the Milleniums as well, going down to the freedive shop sometime soon to find out.

 Those where nice blades. I was sure I was going to win there where not many tickets in that bag. Oh well anyways congrats. I was talking to Vanessa from the freedive shop and she was telling me they would fit Mares, Black team and one other style. When you figure it all out let us know how they perform.

They are going to be awesome. I got the Matrix blades, and they are nice. The Edge are supposed to be better at surface swimming then the ones I have.

Yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to taking them on a few dives... wanna see what all the hype is about! I've never used anything other than the Black Teams with plastic blades that I have now, so it'll be fun for sure.


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