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MLPA closures May 1st

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Brandon Turknett:
so i got tired of checking the dfg website every day to see when the closures are going into effect so i e-mailed them. here is my letter and there response
To whoever can answer this for me,
 im an avid abalone diver that tries to do everything as legal as possible.everyone keeps saying to check the dfg website to find out what date the mlpa closures will truely take effect but i cant find anything saying anything about a date or time. any info would be greatly appreciated.
     David B. Turknett JR.

Hello Mr. Turknett,
We very much appreciate your efforts to abide by regulations, and that you've contacted us to determine when the new marine protected areas will become effective. We just received official word late yesterday from the Office of Administrative Law that they will go into effect May 1. We are posting this news to our Web site and preparing a news release to that effect today.
Thank you for your patience, and for contacting the Department.
Mary Patyten
Mary Patyten
California Department of Fish and Game
Marine Region Education and Outreach
(707) 964-5026
Visit the DFG Marine Region Web site at
Pursuant to Governor’s Executive Order S-13-09, I will not be in my office during the first, second and third Friday of each month.  I will respond to any messages sent on a furlough day as soon as possible during the following work week.

Good job Mr. Turknett!!!  :laughing7:

Seriously, thank you for posting this. I already heard about this date, but I know there are ALOT of divers that haven't. And I know other people that wouldn't have a clue about this kind of stuff if it wasn't for people like you, Matt, and countless others that have been staying on top of this.

Again, thanks bro!! And I hope you will be able to make it up this weekend. Let me know if there is anything I can do to make that happen. ANYTHING!!

They must of heard of Tino's big ab and big ling dive event this weekend.Damn them

Paul W

 :laughing4: I AGREE!

Just got this in a emial from DFG

Flag this messageCDFG News Release - North-Central Coast Marine Protected Areas to Take Effect May 1

California Department of Fish and Game News Release


Contacts: Kirsten Macintyre, DFG Communications, (916) 322-8988
Annie Reisewitz, MLPA Initiative, (858) 228-0526]
Jordan Traverso, Deputy Director/DFG Communications, (916) 654-9937

North Central Coast Marine Protected Areas to Take Effect May 1

Twenty-one marine protected areas (MPAs) adopted last year by the California Fish and Game Commission will take effect May 1, 2010 along California's north-central coast. The new regulations are being implemented as part of the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA), which requires that California reexamine and redesign its system of MPAs with the goal of increasing its effectiveness at protecting the states marine life and habitats, marine ecosystems, and marine natural heritage.

Regulations for the north-central coast MPAs, between Alder Creek, near Point Arena in Mendocino County, and Pigeon Point in San Mateo County, were adopted by the commission in August 2009 and approved by the Office of Administrative Law in April 2010.

In addition to the 21 MPAs, the new regulations include three state marine recreational management areas (SMRMAs) and six special closures, in total covering approximately 153 square miles (20.1 percent) of state waters in the study region. Approximately 86 square miles (11 percent) are designated as "no take" state marine reserves, while the remaining areas have different take allowances providing varying levels of protection.

Specific details about each MPA, SMRMA and special closure are available at

Statewide there are five MLPA study regions; the north-central coast study region was the second to complete the MPA planning process. As mandated by the MLPA, the north-central coast planning process (2007-2009) began by examining all existing MPAs within the study region and ultimately led to redesigning them into a new suite of MPAs. The MPAs for the north-central coast will become part of a statewide network of MPAs once planning in all study regions is complete.

The north-central coast MPAs were designed through a collaborative public process in which 45 members of a regional stakeholder group worked closely with a science advisory team, a blue ribbon task force, the California Department of Fish and Game, and MLPA Initiative staff and contractors to develop a set of MPA recommendations. 

More information about the north-central coast MPAs can be found on the MLPA Web site at


Note: This e-mail account is used to distribute information to the public. Do not reply to this e-mail. Direct questions or comments regarding the information contained in this e-mail to the Department staff listed as points of contact for this subject.

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