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Watermens Alliance Ocean Cove Urchin removal event May 18 at 8 AM & May 19

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Watermens Alliance Ocean Cove Urchin removal event May 18 at 8 AM & May 19
As always, the dive briefing will be 8am Saturday in the parking lot.  The campground is putting us in a group site so let them know you're with the urchin removal event. If you plan on diving you will need a fishing license, all other volunteers do not.

Also FYI
There is now a liability waiver that will have to be signed by anyone in, on, or under the water. Please print the waiver and bring it to the event next weekend. I'll also have them at the pre dive briefing. Sorry for the inconvenience but this has to be done.

for more info message Joshua R.  on NCUH

Diver Dan:
Bumping this event for other people. I can't make it but I hope you all kill a ton of those bastards.

so who all is going to this event ? and who all is day tripping or camping ?

FYI Josh mentioned to me Ocean cove donated one of the group sites and anyone in the urchin  removal event gets free camping in the group site

I've got several people going from our Monterey Facebook Spearo groups. Not sure who on NCUH however.

Awesome !! hopefully some NCUH'ers will chime and say they are going as well. I will be up there Saturday morning, no need to camp when I live 30 min away


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