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Fin Stiffness?

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I'm thinking about purchasing a pair of these Mako Pure Carbon Fiber Fins while they are on sale:

Soft or Medium Stiffness? Completely different fin?

I'm very happy with all my Mako gear so far. Last year I got a pair of Mako fiberglass fins and they are still serving me well, but I think I need a pair of carbon fiber too  :D

I would personally call Mako themselves and ask, fins can vary by who makes them. Also depending on your body type, are you a big strong legged dude? Then a stiffer find would work for you. If you can find someone with these fins it would be a huge bonus as its always best to borrow someones fin for a couple dives and see how you like them. I personally have no experience in these fins but I would imagine medium stiffness would be best.

I had the same thought unfortunately after calling them I'm no closer to a decision. According to the rep at my height/weight (5'9" 185lb) I'm right on the cusp and stiffness comes down to personal preference.

To further complicate things the pure carbon fins are out of stock in Med stiffness. The rep recommended the carbon/fiberglass composite fins as a more durable alternative for spearfishing with basically the same performance as pure carbon, but I'm concerned that I wouldn't notice much difference vs my fiberglass fins at that point.

I was leaning towards medium stiffness...

I am certainly no expert at this but to further complicate your decision imo your foot pockets and (tendon) have a great deal to do with your overall decision in blade stiffness. Having said that I might have gone with the 40 instead of 30 with (similar to your height/weight) for the Falcon C4 with H dessault pockets. They are fine with the fiberglass/composite Edge blades. See pic. I don't care for the Picasso pockets with any blade, way to hard. These C4 have taken a beating on the rocks and still ok.       

I’m 225lbs and I wear soft. Besides leg strength there are other factors to consider, such as depth, current, style, average number of dives, amount of surface swimming, kicking off the bottom. The fact is nothing is great for every application but both stiffnesses will be pretty good all around. All things considered, d say a softer blade is a better all around choice for someone your weight. That said, I have no idea how soft/stiff Mako blades are in comparison to the blades I use. Don’t worry too much. You will get used to whatever you choose and it will be just fine. Keep in mind that the gear doesn’t make the diver, ability does.  Gear is just the icing on the cake. Pick one and pull the trigger.  Your next set can be perfect, or maybe the next set, or maybe the next set...


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