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Dive Watches?

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--- Quote from: StinkyPete on January 18, 2019, 10:05:38 AM ---Awesome, thanks for the suggestions! I think of the watch as an essential piece of gear.

I had a D4i but handed it over to the wife when she started diving after a few years of use. I agree that they neuter the freedive features, but nonetheless, it was a nice watch. Never seen it since but it was a nice watch. Who knows where she put it.

Seems like the watch selection is all over the place, so they probably all do the job reasonably well. I'll probably just get the Aeris again then. Thanks!

--- End quote ---

Where are you diving now Pete?

I've always wanted a watch I could wear regularly AND dive with. I'm not super concerned with documenting things precisely and I'm on a budget. There isn't much in the market that would work for both. I stumbled accross the Nixon Unit Dive watch. It's a normal Nixon watch, but has depth gauge, temp gauge, surface interval timer, downtime timer and logs your previous 50 dives. The depth rating is only 100meters, but most people aren't diving more than 20-30 meters on the regular while spearfishing. I picked it up for like $80 on Amazon but they are getting hard to find at that price now mostly seeing MSRP price.  I've only got about a half dozen days of diving on it so the jury is still out on how long it will last and there are very few reviews online. Since I wear it everyday I don't see it as extra gear to worry about, I just leave a watch band extender to give plenty of room to get over my fat wrist and 7mm suit. As far as spearfishing is concerned it's more than enough.

I also dive with the Nixon dive unit and have been for the past year and a half. It’s perfect for a barebones dive watch. Holds the last 50 dives. I really only care about it for my surface interval time so it doesn’t matter if it holds more than 50 at least for myself personally.  The only issues that I’ve had is that my wetsuit will occasionally knock it out of the dive mode(not a big deal)) and that the band is a very stretchy rubber. I busted the band once by trying to tighten it and just replaced it with an old oceanic band that I had. Other than that it’s good for an idiot proof freedive watch.

Travis Mills:
It's the dive version, about $250 I think I seen,   or the standard nixon watch for around $100? 

The dive version. It has a freedive mode. The regular one won't have that. I checked my order history and I got mine about a year ago on Amazon for $87, but I checked the same link and they're at MSRP now. I remember when I was looking there were some small dive and surf shops that had them for around $100, so maybe search deeper or wait and hope the price drops.


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