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2018 Highlight Vid

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This group seems more active than ever and I want to be a part of it! Here's a short collection of 2018 spearfishing footage:

I didn't get out as much as I wanted to, but I had a lot of fun. I'm finally fully geared up, I trained my breath-hold, and got comfortable hunting at 60ft in the Humboldt/Mendo murk. I had the pleasure of hanging out with a great group of local divers and I'm looking forward to more in 2019!

One of the biggest challenges is learning to capture (and edit) good footage. Reviewing GoPro clips with friends after a dive is a lot of fun and it's a great way improve your diving technique, but most of my shots were total garbage. Many of my personal favorite moments didn't translate to good footage so I can really appreciate the amount of effort and skill it takes when I watch other people's video. I'm having fun with it though and I'm planning to compile some more video when I have the time.

Cheers to 2019

Eating good is the best part:

This was such a great video for so many reasons that many divers might not pick up on. Good Footage is hard to get. Sometimes your flashlight gets stuck in a rock and you might drown if you don't keep your head on straight. hunting 60' takes training. only the hard core dudes can dive down, find a fish, forget to load bands, load bands, and still make the verm shot (that part was hilarious and rad). One note is make sure your buddy spits the snorkel out before diving =P Quickest way to drown in SWB is to have your snorkel in. Overall that was entertaining and I can totally relate. I have at least 30 folders on my computer with various dive footage that I have just not taken the time to put into a video... mainly, like you said, because the great moments didn't translate well to footage. I think in 2019 I will try to focus more on getting good shots and making good shots for the purpose of video. Maybe one day I'll make a "remember what happened in 2018" video... haha.

Great stuff! Keep it up!

Nice song choice bru!

And, nothing beats blue ling sushi! 

Mike n:



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